Ballet Exams


The School enters children for the Royal Academy of Dance Graded and Vocational Examinations. Although not compulsory, examinations are encouraged, as they provide students with the impetus to achieve, in a fun and friendly atmosphere whilst improving technically, artistically, as well as gaining in confidence.

The decision to enter is at the discretion of the teacher and is based on:

  • The child achieving his/her maximum potential for that grade.
  • That the child is ready to present the work securely and with confidence.

The objectives and aims of the Royal Academy of Dance examination syllabus are as follows:

Achievement in dance contributes to a learner’s all-round achievement, as it helps to develop competencies such as motor control, health and safety awareness, self-expression, physical fitness and stamina, discipline, mental ability and confidence.

The aims of the Graded Examination syllabus are to:
  • Promote the study of ballet and related dance disciplines as a leisure and/or vocational activity.
  • Provide a means of measuring the acquisition of technical, musical and performance skills in ballet and related dance disciplines.
  • Promote and encourage enjoyment of movement as a form of physical exercise.
  • Provide all candidates, particularly children and young people, with an opportunity of experiencing dance accompanied by live and recorded music.
  • Encourage personal self-confidence and group awareness through the experience of dancing solo, with partners and in small groups.
  • Aid the development of a general appreciation of music through dancing to various musical styles and rhythmic patterns.
  • Motivate students by providing a series of clearly defined goals which have been structured to reflect the principles of safe dance practice.
  • Provide teachers with a means by which to measure the individual progress of their students.
Below are the Academy’s guidelines for the recommended learning and study hours for each grade.


Guided Hours*

Practice Hours**

Study Hours***

Grade 1

60 10 70

Grade 2

60 10 70

Grade 3

60 10 70

Grade 4

75 20 95

Grade 5

75 20 95

Grade 6

90 40 130

Grade 7

90 40 130

Grade 8

90 40 130

Intermediate Foundation

150 125 275


150 125 275

Advanced Foundation

150 125 275

Advanced 1

150 175 325

Advanced 2

150 225 375

*Guided Learning takes place in Class Time
**Practice Hours are gained at Home Time
***Study Hours consist of Notional Learning

If you require more information on our examination syllabus please do not hesitate to call Mairead on 00353 (0)87 230 8137 or email us.

Pictures courtesy of Pat Gorman

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Principal: Mairead Langan – B.Phil(Hons), LRAD, RAD, RTS


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